Metro Consulting Associates

About Metro Consulting Associates

Metro Consulting Associates (MCA) is a multifaceted energy, land, and community development firm that serves both private and public sector clients throughout the Midwestern United States and beyond. Founded in 2009 as a land surveying firm, MCA has grown to provide a mix of services, talent, and technology driven by client needs and community goals to make life better.

With the capabilities and expertise typically found in large, multidisciplinary firms, combined with the agile project management and budget-friendly services of a smaller firm, Metro Consulting Associates delivers on value. Serving clients in the power and energy, municipal, land development, and oil and gas markets, MCA’s technical expertise will satisfy any and all emerging challenges, taking you where you want to go.

We gravitate towards the road less traveled. We seek out unique opportunities that push us further, challenge the status quo, and ignite our passion for the betterment of community.


Civil Engineer

May 2018 Plymouth, MI
“Their young, driven attitude in the office and their work. Everyday is something new.”
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