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Latin American Correspondent Intern

Latin American Correspondent – Internship

Internship Opportunities

Role: Latin American Correspondent 

Latina Republic

We are looking for interns with an interest in using the power of storytelling to write about Latin America’s unique stories celebrating cultural practices, holidays, folk tales, heritage, folklore, traditions and innovation. Latina Republic seeks to destroy stereotypes about Latin America and its people by showcasing a variety of rich traditions from across Latin America. Each Latin American country has its own cultural celebrations, including folk festivals, literature, environmental and scientific advances, innovative leadership, delicious cuisine, unique architecture, renowned scholars, writers and artists, original entrepreneurs and a new generation of stem leaders. You will play a key role in bringing these unknown stories to light.

This internship is also highly beneficial to those conducting capstones, masters’ thesis, in-depth studies into socio, economic, gender, food access, education, human rights, environmental challenges affecting Latin America. Through 1-1 mentorship with Dr. Quartucci you will be connected to local sources, NGOs and people that work every day to address social problems in the region.
To celebrate Latin America, we do more than report on problems. We believe that advocacy journalism can be impactful when alongside the problems, we report on how people are solving them. We want to contribute a new narrative of Latin America. One that highlights contributions, heritage, history, leadership and innovation and one that integrates local strategies to the betterment of the region.

This is a remote-based position that works as a virtual internship with a time range of 10 hours per week.

The internship is unpaid but holds a rich and valuable learning experiences.

Our interns will serve as fully functional members of Latina Republic, with access to assignments, coaching and resources requisite to the preparation of research goals. You will be mentored by Dr. Quartucci who will assist and guide you in meeting the learning objectives of the internship. We will communicate daily during your shift via g-chat, Zoom, whatsapp, cellphone and email.

Prior to the start of the internship, you will identify 4-6 learning goals to be completed during the course of the internship. We will meet with our correspondent at the beginning of the internship to develop a plan to ensure that the established goals are met and check in biweekly throughout the internship to answer questions and provide feedback and guidance.

Our Latin American Correspondent interns will receive timely feedback and participate in direct mentorship gaining knowledge of the region’s tradition and innovation and the workings of a nonprofit that support Latin American.

Ideal Candidates:

  • Have a passion for Latin American culture, folklore, traditions, innovation, human rights, social problems and heritage.
  • Speak and Read in Spanish/Portuguese fluently.
  • Have a passion for the use of storytelling as an avenue to destroy stereotypes and celebrate culture.
  • Have an interest in developing in-depth knowledge of Latin American heritage, culture, art, scientific, medical and think tank innovations.
  • Are immersed in a study of the region and seek local knowledge and sources to enrich their research.

Latina Republic is a California-based 501 C (3) nonprofit organization that partners with local NGOs qualified to operate in Central and South America. We have a wide network of local connections and resources that can enrich interns' understandings of the region and its people.

Latin American Correspondents

Typically publish their findings in the form of reports, interviews, articles, research every 2-3 weeks. They also meet virtually on Fridays with their peers to share findings, and participate in an intellectual community with peers who care deeply about the region.

What you will gain:
  • You will develop knowledge of the country, specific topics, access local voices and resources and various viewpoints on the topic, develop storytelling and research skills,
  • You will make networking connections in your region of interest
  • You will gain visibility for you work. Latina Republic is a new nonprofit organization with a growing readership, reaching about 2.5 K readers per month.
  • You will also develop Spanish to English translation, transcribing skills, report writing skills, and a portfolio of stories to call your own.
  • Your work will connect you with local leaders and sources.


Please submit the following when applying:
Email Executive Director, Soledad Quartucci at:

Include the following:
  • Why do you wish to participate in this internship? How does it connect to your interests and passion for the region?
  • What is your connection to Latin America?
  • What region and types of stories would you like to tell?
  • Do you speak and read in Spanish, Portuguese or Creole?
  • How comfortable are you reading local sources in Spanish?
  • Do you enjoy researching, writing, talking to people you don’t know?
  • Describe your time management practices and ability to complete projects and stay on task and on schedule.
  • Why is this internship important to you? What do you hope to learn?
Please include a letter of recommendation, your resume, a writing sample, and a cover letter addressing the questions above.